COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

This page is list of all the various announcements that have been on the website's front page since the start of lockdown, 2020年3月中旬. We are keeping these files here for your reference and in order to keep the front page tidier, but please bear in mind that information in the older files may be out-of-date now and no longer represent the school's position. Please check each document for a date when considering its information. Any urgent massages, such as school closure for example will appear on the 首页 page as previously.

11+ information 2020 (lockdown)

The arrangements for the 11+ test will be quite different this year due to the pandemic and we are working hard to implement the necessary measures in order to ensure everyone's safety. If your daughter is due to sit the 11+ with us this September, please can you read the letters below.

7 apr 2020 14:00


Firstly apologies for updating during the Easter holidays but I felt that in such unprecedented times this was necessary to clarify the document released on Friday 3rd April regarding the completion of non-examined assessment (NEA) work (previously known as coursework).

Within the document it stated that students should not be asked to complete their NEA work. All members of staff have today been asked to ensure any work set for Year 11 and Year 13 students is amended to take into account these new guidelines.

If you have been completing NEA work over the last two weeks, please now stop and look out for any additional information from your teachers regarding this work.

I hope this has clarified any queries regarding the completion of this work.